Cross-Country Skis

At Wersell’s we sell two main types of cross country skis.  The design has distinct purposes and functions.


Nordic skis are long and skinny and designed to “skate” on packed snow and pre-made tracks.  Nordic skis are sized by height and body weight.  Poles, which are used for pushing are sized to the underarm to shoulder area.  The new style of binding, or New Nordic Norm, has a small steel bar that runs across the bottom of the toe and it clips in to the binding.  After you are clipped in, all you simply need to do is walk.  Cyclists enjoy XC-skiing because you utilize the same muscle groups.  Perfect for the skier looking to go to the local metroparks like Wildwood or Oak Openings to get some exercise.

We still carry boots and bindings for the old 3-pin bindings, also known as 75 MM bindings.

Back Country Nordic

Back country skis are designed to be fatter and shorter than a standard nordic ski.  Back country XC-skis are designed to be able for the skier to make his or her own trail.  No matted down snow or trails needed.  Just clip in and go.  Perfect for the skier who has a lot of land and wants to walk out the back door and go.

We proudly carry products from Erik Sports. We also can order Alpina XC products.