Specialty Road Bikes

Triathlon, cyclocross, touring, and track bikes could probably all be considered “road bikes,” but each has specific features that make it perfect for its intended purpose in a way that no all-around road bike could be.


Cyclocross was a sport invented in Belgium to keep professional bike racers in shape during the long winter months in the Northern part of France and Belgium.  Cyclocross is a sport that combines running, motocross, mountain biking and road racing.  Typically races are run around shorter (2-3 miles long) tracks covered in mud, sand, water and even some man made obstacles.  As a result, cyclocross bikes are extremely durable and make for an excellent utilitarian style bike.  So whether you are lining up for a local race or just running out the front door running late to class, a cyclocross bike will get you where you need to go.  We recommend looking at the Jamis Nova series as well as the Kona Jake series.


Touring bikes are designed for one thing:  Riding long distances in comfort.  A touring bike is a road bike with a longer head tube and longer wheel base to allow for a more upright and more stable riding platform.  It is an ideal bike for commuting as it can take racks, panniers and fenders very easily and can even accommodate up to a 700x35c tire to allow for maximum traction when the roads get nasty.  We recommend looking at the Jamis Aurora.

Triathlon/Time Trial

Triathlon/ Time Trial bikes are built with one purpose.  To go as fast as possible in a straight line.  They are built to cheat the wind and leave you fresh coming off the bike for the run.  They do this with shorter top tubes and more pronounced angling of the fork and seat tube posturing the body further over the bottom bracket than a traditional road bike.  We recommend looking at the Jamis Xenith series of bikes.

Track Bikes/Fixies

No brakes, no gears, what could be simpler?  Originally designed to ride around an 1/8th of a mile banked track, fixies have become a very popular form of transportation because of their ease of usage and limited parts.  Many people ride these bikes without brakes, but AT LEAST ONE BRAKE MUST BE INSTALLED if you purchase one of these bicycles from us or want us to work on it.  We recommend the Jamis Sputnik or Beatnik.