We all deal with the weather and windy conditions of Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan. We have a way to combat that wind. Cycling jackets help to cut the wind and keep you warm on those spring and fall days. Cycling jackets are not only good for reducing wind, but are also water resistant, to help keep you dry on misty days. Some of our jackets have removable sleeves, allowing them to convert into vests for days when the weather changes. Women’s specific styles are available.

Arm and Leg warmers

Are you planning on riding during the early spring and late fall months? Then arm and leg warmers are a perfect alternative to trainer rides. Made of a fleece-lined, wind-resistant lycra, warmers are perfect for those days when it is too cold for bare arms and legs but not cold enough for long sleeves and tights. They are also easy to put on and take off as temperatures change throughout the day.