Shorts and Jerseys


Cycling jerseys are designed especially to maximize performance while cycling. They are made of lightweight wicking fabrics to pull moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry. Most have pockets sewn into the lower portion of the back, which are perfect for carrying a wallet or I.D. as well as keys, a cell phone or powerbar. Cycling jerseys are also cut specifically to fit well while in the cycling position. With a longer shirt tail and slim fit, they prevent the back from riding up and the front from bunching. Jerseys are available in both long and short sleeve styles. We offer a full line of Pearl IzumiLouis Garneau, andCanari jerseys as well as custom order items. Women’s specific styles are available.


Cycling shorts bring a whole new dimension of comfort to your riding experience. The lycra and specially designed chamois (pronounced “shammy”) help to reduce leg friction, wick away moisture, and provide added relief from the pressure points of the saddle. For more information on the benefits of cycling shorts, read“Why Cycling Shorts?”

Not a fan of the lycra? There are a full line of baggy shorts with an included chamois-equipped liner to ease the pain from long hours in the saddle. Women’s specific styles are available.