Accessories & Gear


Kryptonite RCL II lock

Of course you want to protect your ride, and we have just what you need to keep your bike yours, and away from those unsavory bike thieves. No lock is thief-proof, but a good lock will act as a deterrent, keeping honest people honest, and causing thieves to look for easier targets. For short-term lock-ups, we recommend Kryptonite’sKryptoCable IV (key lock) or RCL III (resettable combination lock). For longer-term lock-ups, such as being parked outside overnight at a college, something stronger, like the KryptoChain with Padlock, is recommended.

Basket, Bags, and Racks

Want to ride your bike to the grocery store, to class, or to work? We have what you need to be able to carry all of your essentials. A quick release front basket is the perfect option for a quick run to the store, or even a picnic in the park. The basket is easily removable, allowing you to take it into the store while shopping or just remove it when not in use. Need to just carry a spare tube, wallet, and cell phone? We have under-seat bags in a variety of sizes and colors. Need to carry more? A simple rear-mounted rack allows for a multitude of bag options perfect for anything from groceries or school books, to a packed lunch and change of clothes. A rear rack and bag system are a great idea for anyone wanting to use their bicycle for transport to work or school.


Gel Saddle

That old bike seat not as comfortable as it once was? Was it ever comfortable? Nothing ruins a bike ride faster than an uncomfortable saddle, and replacement seats are a very popular option for increasing riding enjoyment. We have replacement seats in a variety of sizes and styles, including gel seats and women’s seats. Choosing a saddle is a very personal choice, based on riding style, riding position, and body shape. Come in and talk to one of our knowledgeable sale staff, who will help you find the perfect seat for you. It can make all the difference in the world.